Astrid Julen stretching before ballet class.

©Werner Kmetitsch

Astrid works currently as a freelance dance teacher based in Switzerland and started teaching her first classes when she was 17 and her first important teacher passed away. After this experience she focused on her own dancing career but was always interested how and why something has to be done a certain way. Through her training (ballet, contemporary dance, Pilates, strengthening) but also through choreographic work and performances, she gained a lot of experience in body control. Through injuries she learnt and experienced what the body needs and how training can be improved. 
In 2018 she started to teach as a substitute teacher first in Vienna, then Berlin and Bern. To have a pedagogical foundation and a formation to teach professional students, she applied one year later for the Master Dance Teacher program at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden, where she got accepted. Her specialisation was in classical ballet for professional education and she graduated under the mentorship of Olga Melnikova in 2022 with an “excellent” master diploma.
Astrid pays special attention in her classes to a healthy training and likes to apply her knowledge from her studies in dance medicine. She focuses on coordination and alignment, since she sees in them the foundation for health and technique. Through her passion she motivates the students. Next to a positive work ethic, it is important to her that the students find creativity and joy in dancing.

Schools Astrid was teaching: 

  • Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden (as part of her Master)
  • Dancearts Boris Nebyla, Vienna
  • Ballettschulen Hans Vogl, Berlin
  • Tanzschule Kreutzberg, Bern
  • Ballettschule Cabriole, Münsingen
  • Tanzplatz Vorbern, Hinterkappelen
  • L’adresse für Bewegungskultur, Muri b. Bern
  • Spectacolo Dance Academy, Olten